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I think they encourage parents to take the full 15 hours as the nurseries get funding for all of it. The manager of my children's preschool mentioned it a while ago when I said I was happy with them both just doing 12 hours, three mornings each. She said we might as well as they get funded for the places. I said were fine thanks!
And I sympathise with you sewing mama, a saw my little girls key worker say to her that she's got to get used to 'not changing her clothes every time she gets a spot of dirt or water on them as she won't be able to do that with school uniform.'
I proudly interrupted and said that we were either going to be home educating or going to the local Steiner school so uniform wouldn't be an issue! Her face was priceless xx

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My son's nursery (a children's centre linked to a school) is very flexible. Some children do 3 hours 5 times a week in term time, but they also offer 4 hours 3 times a week, so 12 hours a week, but it runs right through the school holidays. We chose this option, however our son only does 2 mornings. I'm planning on increasing this to 3 mornings when I feel that he's ready. As an October baby he will have almost 2 years in preschool as he'll be nearly 5 when he starts school.

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I haven't heard from the preschool I applied to yet but we are feeling more certain about home education, so we may continue as we are rather than using any preschool hours. It's great to hear how other people have used the hours, I was really surprised about the emphasis on using them all.

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