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Oh wow Natalie I didn't realise the regulations were so strict there! I'd totally be considering touting that too in your case.... Xx

As for us, I'm totally doing the happy dance today, cos Calebs exemption application was accepted today! On the first try, with no additional information needed, AND heavily unschooling. So excited to have the all clear now!!!

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I also want to homeschool my 4 years old son. As he aged 3, I just teach him the basics like how to write, how to differentiate colors, etc. But I know I cannot do it now since I am working full time and my schedules are totally stuck up so I think its better for him to be homeschooled as of now. Then later on, have him regular schooling.

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Just wanted to update that while I I am still pretty much unschooling I have joined an awesome Steiner co-op using the earthschooling curriculum with BEarth Institute. We're having a lovely time incorporating a few Steiner rhythms into our days. Mostly doing it for the crafts t be honest haha

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Help a not so newb!

Alrighty, i need some recommendations!!!!!

I need:
-Reading curriculum for 11yr old who is too smart for her own good.
-Social Studies for 9 and 11yr olds. ( one is VERY visual and is not a good reader).

Our homeschool convention is coming up and i want to get them then!

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My son learns at home. We do public school virtually He has chosen to continue with this virtual school for the coming school year as well. He hasn't been to a brick and mortar school at all yet and I would love to keep it that way for as long as he likes!

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