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Cloth diapering question

I'm sorry if this seems like a really silly question. I don't know a whole lot about cloth diapers, but I'm interested in using them for my LO that's due in September.

So my silly question is: Is it possible to cloth diaper while having to use a laundromat?

OH and I are currently renting an apartment and don't have our own washer and dryer. We go to the laundromat to do our laundry about once a week. But is it possible to cloth diaper and have to use a laundromat? I have no idea what cleaning the diapers actually entails. Or if there's some sort of law or something against it

So does anyone have any experience or advice on the matter?

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I suppose it would be possible, but you would have to check with the laundromat to see if they would allow it. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a rule against washing poop/pee diapers in a public washing machine. If they do allow it you would either have to buy a ton of diapers if you only go once a week, or go to the laundromat every other day. I have 24 diapers and I have to wash every other day. I think most people usually have somewhere around 30 diapers and do laundry every other day.

Since I am breastfeeding my DDs poop is water soluble so we just rinse the poop off in the laundry sink and then put the diapers in the washing machine. Once she is eating solids we will get a sprayer attached to our toilet so we can rinse the poop down the toilet. You can also get flushable liners that go in the diapers so when the baby poops the liner catches it and you just flush the poop/liner down the toilet. If I was using a laundromat I would probably use the liners so you don't have to wash heavily soiled diapers. I would also probably rinse out pee diapers before using the laundromat just out of respect for other people using the machines.

It could also get quite expensive to do your diapers at the laundromat as you would have to pay for two wash cycles (first is a shorter cycle to rinse out the diapers so you don't wash them in poop/pee water, the second is a heavy duty wash cycle) and a dryer every other day.

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Possible but probably not practical. You will live at the laundromat!

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