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I've forgotten everything I ever knew about cloth nappies

I want to use them on my 3rd baby, who is due in a few weeks but I have forgotten absolutely everything I have just dug out all my old nappies and they are in a wash now because they have been stored for the past 5 years. Is there anything special I need to know about using cloth from birth? I did it with Naomie I think. Also this baby is a boy so any special boy tips as I've never done boy nappies before lol x

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Check out Fluff Love University for everything you could ever need to know about using cloth diapers, including exactly what settings to use on your specific brand of washing machine!

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Hey Hun I never did from birth but when my son turned 2 months I started to cloth nappie him and I love it the only think I do is I put 2 inserts in but I fold the one in half and put it more at the front as boys tend to wee towards the front and do lovely boys prints for cheap xxx

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