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Those that homeschool (or were homeschooled themselves!)

Can you please help me put together a good argument to try and persuade my OH that homeschooling is the way forward. Our son is 3 and will be at a Montessori nursery for 2yrs regardless.
My OH has always kind of assumed that DS would go to school and kind of think he wants him to. However, I myself was homeschooled (a mix of unschooling, Steiner and Montessori methods I believe alongside some more structured workbook activities). And in my heart I truly feel I want the same for my children. I have always wanted to homeschool my children but it still seems to be such a parenting "taboo". Like everyone has a strong opinion on it and usually not a positiveone unless they have experienced it themselves. It's so drummed in that going to school is just what you do that if you question it it's like you're nuts!
I need a well put together argument to try and convince OH to at least let me try home schooling for the first year (from when DS is 5) and see how we get on with it. I find such joy in teaching him and watching him learn and remember things I've taught him and it makes me so sad to think someone else will get to see all that as he grows up. Also I think our mainstream school system is failing children on many levels these days. If you could give me points about what you love about HS and what your child/ren gain from being taught at home etc then I would really appreciated it. Thank you

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I'm bad at formulating sound arguments (especially with my husband who is pretty much a master debater lol) so fortunately mine has been on board with homeschooling since we very first met. I am trying to sway him towards unschooling though and I think I have managed to convince him to try it until our eldest is 8.

Instead of coming to him with an argument in favour of it, what about if you drew up a pros and cons list and asked him to sit Down with you and go over it and add anything else he can think of?

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