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Cosleeping beginning to not work for me

How did you transition LO to a bed? I think we both will sleep better if we are in a separate bed, sharing the same room.

But LO is nursing all night, up to 4 diaper changes in the night (cloth nappies) and I'm in pain from sleeping on my side like that.

Anyway. He did fall asleep on his own after crying for an hour this morning. Then woke and self-settled.

I feel bad because he is teething and know he wants to comfort nurse all night but I just can't take it, I am grinding my teeth through my protective retainer!!

Help please

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I night weaned around 2 because I was pregnant with sore nipples and Violet had a lazy latch. It was hard in the day and unbearable at night. She eventually got used to it and started sleeping through the night. At some point I put a twin next to our king mattress and put my youngest on it because he seemed to be less needy at night. Eventually he became more needy and Violet was at a point where it seemed like she could handle being moved to a separate bed, so I switched them. That was when Violet was just short of 4. I put Leo back in bed with us and Violet in the adjacent bed. She complained but I set the limit and stuck to it and she adjusted quickly and easily. She still comes into our bed in the morning at times but sleeps the night in her own bed. I wonder if we could get her in her own room, but I'm not doing that at all until my husband is 100% on board with it and he isn't right now. Besides, Violet isn't 100% ready.

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