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Breastfeeding and Broody!

hi everyone,

i havent used this site in a long time so will fill you in a little.

My son turned 1 on 15th December. hes been EBF (no bottles at all) and we bed share. he is not the best sleeper and feeds several times during the night.

Me and my partner are ready for baby #2 but my af hasnt yet returned. I am not willing to wean my son as he (or me!) is definitely not ready for that. Other than weaning is there any way of encouraging my fertility to return? and is it possible to be ovulating without te return of my periods?

Anyone else in a similar position? Would love to hear from you!

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you could ovulate one time just before your period returns but for the most part probably not ovulating if AF is not visiting. To the best of my knowledge anything that might bring on AF might also make your milk production go down. Sorry, I am no help, but good luck to you!

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