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Question about cloth

DS2 is 8 months old. For most of his life, we've been battling with a diaper rash. We have tried different diapers, different wipes, and different creams with varying degrees of success. We change his diaper about every 2 hours unless he's sleeping and right away after he poops. But his rash will only go away for a few days, then it'll come back. Now that he's teething, it's even worse. I feel so, so bad.

I've started considering trying cloth diapers since it'll finally be a possibility when we move in the next couple weeks.

So my question is - has anyone else dealt with something like this and found that cloth diapers were the solution?

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Yes!! Well, I think so. Started really using cloth with my daughter after she got an awful nappy rash when she got a bit of a bug and got the most awful nappy rash! Had to go to the docs for treatment. Anyway, when she started teething it started to come back, put her back in cloth (as I'd gotten a little lazy with it) and it really helped the rash.
I would say cloth is definitely worth a try, especially if you can rent some from a nappy library? Or if not there are Facebook groups that sell them a little cheaper? Then lots of websites that will sell them too. Can take a while to find ones that you like but it's worth it cloth wipes help too, my daughter seems to be a bit sensitive to normal wipes. You can even make these yourself, loads of videos on YouTube

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My son never had diaper rash in cloth. Ever. I don't know if it's because of the cloth or just how his skin is. I'm interested to see if the new baby's butt does well in cloth too. lol.

Good luck

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I had it the other way around. Started with cloth and never had an issues, changed to disposables and he had a bad rash.
Got a burn from Asda nappies.
So this time around I will be sticking with cloth

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