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Trying to find a pediatrician...

My due date is quickly approaching and I still haven't found a doctor for my baby. I was originally looking for a vaccine-friendly pediatrician, and while that's difficult enough, it has occurred to me that I want more than just a vaccine-friendly doctor...I want one who isn't dependent on conventional medicine to begin with. While I realize prescriptions are sometimes necessary, I want a doctor who won't jump to prescribing an antibiotic for a mild ear infection just because it's the routine remedy...I want a doctor who is aware of natural or gentler routes before pulling out the big guns on everything. I want a doctor who would suggest dietary changes and elevation measures to treat acid-reflux before handing out an antacid and sending me along my way. I want a doctor who I can trust is giving my baby the best treatment because they're aware of all possible treatments.

In my experience, it's incredibly rare to find a conventional doctor who does this. I don't have any "alternative" doctors near me, so I'm at a total loss of what to do. I certainly don't want to be without a doctor to check-up on my little pea pod, because I know the day she wakes up with a cough and sniffles I will be freaking out and will want someone to call...but at the same time, I don't want to introduce her to medical interventions that may not be necessary. This is stressing me out so much!

Any advice?

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Hmm, no real advice here since I haven't taken my kids to the doctor for anything other than their routine check ups/vaccines. Maybe you could see if there are Yelp or Google reviews for the doctors? Or you could set up a meet and greet appointment and discuss these things directly with the doctor? If you don't like his/her answer then you could arrange a meeting with a different doctor. Sort of like trial and error, could take a long time to find someone that way though. Are there any parenting groups or Facebook pages for your area where you can ask for recommendations?

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Google search for vaccine friendly. Most peds that I have met have been moving away from antibiotics or years.

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