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Cloth Nappy/Diaper/Co-Sleeping Guides, FAQs, & Abbreviations

Hi Ladies/Gents,

This thread will contain a whole load of resources to help you enter the wonderful fluffy world of cloth nappies & Co-Sleeping.

If you want any articles you've found useful adding to this thread please let me know and I will make amendments accordingly.

Co-Sleeping Guidance
If your looking for advice for Co-sleeping Safely -
Check out BabyHaines Guide to Safe Co-Sleeping

If your new to cloth nappies reading the following articles will help you get started...
Beginners Guide to Cloth (B&B) - Beginners Guide Written by members of Baby & Bump

Cloth Nappies - Getting Started (Blog) - Useful Blog article giving information about the types of nappies, materials, fastenings etc with links to examples of the different nappy styles.

Cloth Nappies - FAQ (Blog) - Useful Blog article with extensive FAQ's from getting started to how to care for your nappies.

A picture is a thousand words, a Video is a million pictures! Heres a thread of all the useful Video Demos - not reviews but purely how tos - Nappy Video Demos

Most councils offer some cash/voucher incentives to try cloth nappies check these out and see what your council has to offer.
Council Incentive Schemes (B&B) - Extensive list of the councils and the incentive schemes offered written by Baby & Bump members

Going traditional?
Nappy Fold information - This page lists a whole variety of different fold you can do with traditional style nappies.

Why Wool Works
Why Wool works - With Thanks to LittlePants

Fancy seeing Nappies in person, or even trying before buying.....why not check out if you have a local nappy advisor
All the advisors in this thread are B&B members too: Cloth Nappy Advisors in your Area

Join In with the Chat
Fluffy Chat in the - Natural Parenting Chat
Are you waiting on Fluffy post? - Dear Mr Postie please bring me my...
Got your LO's Fluff and want to - Flash your Stash

Looking to buy Cloth Nappies but want the best deals check out the Offers Thread:
Natural Parenting Special Offers

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Think you are ready to buy? - Check out reviews written by members

LilBumps Cloth Nappy & Wipes Review Thread

Remember: Every Nappy User and Baby is different, what works well for one might not necessarily work for another. The best advice I can give you is try a few that take your fancy, and go forward from there.

You can always buy pre-loved!

Buying Preloved
B&B's Nappy Trade & Sell Section
Cloth Nappy Tree Classifieds Section
The Used Nappy Company

Can't find what your looking for or want something specific check out the Nappies Wanted Thread

Buying New - Nappy Store Directory
I've listed these alphabetically....
Angel Tots
Baba Me
Bibs 'n' Bots
Bums 'n' Roses
Cheeks & Cherries
The Clean Green Nappy Machine
Funky Monkey Pants
Kitty Kins
Kingdom of Fluff
Lizzie's Real Nappies
Mammy Made
Millies Nappies
Plush Pants
The Nappy Line - Useful nappy info too
The Washable Nappy
Totnes Nappy Company
Twinkle on the Web
Wee Notions

USA Thanks to our USA members
Abbys Lane
A Diaper Change
Baby Best Buy
Blueberry Diapers
Clothdiaper Clearance - Great deals. None of the diapers are "top of the line" or "perfect", but that's why they're discounted. Some are on there just because the colours they come in were discontinued, but otherwise fine. Some have less-then-perfect stitching, but it doesn't affect the diaper itself. It's just faulty appearance.
Green Mountain Diapers
Kelly's Closet
Mom's Milk Boutique
Nicki's Diapers
My Swim Baby - Swimwear
The Good Mama
Tiny Tush
Wee Little Changes

Or Doing It Yourself
Join in with the members here The DIY Club

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Natural Parenting Lingo & Abbreviations

If you have any abbreviations to add, post them here: Natural Parenting Lingo & Abbreviations and we'll make sure both get updated.

General Natural Parenting Terms:
AP - attachment parenting
BWing - babywearing
BLW - Baby led weaning

General Nappy Abbreviations:
3SR - Three step rise
AIO - All in one
AI2 - all in two
Aplix - Velcro/hook n loop
BTP - birth to potty
BV - Bamboo Velour
CD - cloth diaper
DSQ - diaper service quality (prefolds)
EUC - Excellent Used condition
FS - front snap/for sale
GN - Gender Neutral
GUC - Good Used condition
M/L - medium long (sizing for some diapers)
MCN - Modern Cloth Nappy
NN - night nappy
OBV - Organic Bamboo velour (material)
OS - one size
OSFA/OSFM - one size fits all or one size fits most
PF - prefolds
PUL - Polyurethane laminate
SIO - Snap in One
SS - side snap
TT - terry towelling
UB - unbleached when referring to prefolds
WAHM - Work at Home Mum

Nappy Brand Abbreviations:
BB - Blueberry
BBH - Baby BeeHinds
BG - Bum Genius
BM - Bambino Mios
BRSB - Bagshot Row Bamboo
BSWW - Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
CPF - Chinese prefolds
DB - Drybees
DE - DreamEze
FB - Fuzzi Bunz
FF - Flutterby Fluff (UK WAHM Nappy & Dying Service)
GAD - Green Acre Designs
GMD - Green Mountain Diapers
GM - Goodmama
GK- Green Kids
HH - Happy Heinys
HL - Holdens Landing (US WAHM nappies)
HO - Hollow Oak (US WAHM Nappy)
IB - Itti Bittis
ME - Motherease
MEOS - Motherease one size
MLL - Mini La La
Mutt - Mutaqins
NBM - Nappies by Minky (UK WAHM Nappies)
NB - Natures Babies
PD - petit dessous
SB - Swaddlebees
TB - Tots Bots
WN - wee notions
UD - upsie daisy
VB - Very Baby
VBSN - Very baby simply nights

Nappy Types in Brief:
AIO or All in One
All parts attached to the nappy, some may have pull out flaps for drying, generally have waterproof layer built in.

AI2 or All in Two
Nappy has removable parts that either fit or or attach to the nappy, and has a waterproof cover as part of the complete nappy.

A shaped nappy, normally come in different sizes and require a wrap separately to the nappy.

Pocket Nappy
Pocket nappies have an opening at the front/back of the nappy for loading in the absorbency, be aware some come without the waterproof lining.

If you require further info, please read the Getting started at the top of this thread.

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This is great

Only thing I can think of is GK- Green Kids in the brands abbreviations xx

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Not read thru it properly, but looks fab!! Also could add Mini LaLa, lots of people now using ' MLL '

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updated here

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Fantastic thread idea! Will newbies know what a WAHM is?

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added here

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FANTASTIC you've got this up and running....brilliant starting place for basic qns about MCN's...

do you have that in the abbreviations actually? lol

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