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Sad thing is I've seen maternity ward hospital staff locally actually shout at mums that "BABY MUST NOT EVER BE IN BED WITH YOU".

I do it on occasion when I want to snag a lie in - not all the time since the baby sleeps like she's trying to kung-fu fight in her sleep and I don't appreciate tiny punches on the nose at 2am.

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I ended up co-sleeping with my middle child for the longest time, mainly to get him settled at night so we could both sleep. I then struggled something awful to finally get him to settle in his own bed, this was months of kicking, screaming and even hitting me and himself. I don't want to go through that again, with my youngest I didn't at all and we've had some rough nights with him, he seems alright in his cot now but I struggled with bf with both of them and part of me thinks it may have been due to the lack closeness. I'm expecting my forth LO and want try bf again but worried I won't be able to.
Would co-sleeping help at all??

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