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NTNP while already having an 11 month old

My boyfriend and I have a 11 month old son together. We love him to death but I'm already feeling baby fever. I think it's because when I was pregnant I had many ultrasounds that said I was having a girl. I didn't find out we were having a boy until the delivery room when he came out. It felt like my lil girl had disappeared and my son was in her place. I love him more than life itself, but I feel a void for the lil girl I was suppose to have. We never said "the baby" when I was pregnant, as soon as I got the ultrasound we said her, she, and called her by name so once she turned out to be he it was like my lil girl was gone. I guess the best way I can describe it is it would be like knowing you were having twins, but only getting one baby. By no means am I disappointed I had a boy, it's just in my head it feels like that lil girl that I thought I was carrying is gone instead of just growing extra parts and being my son. Lol. My boyfriend wants a lil girl so he can have a daddy's girl, because our son is such a mommas boy. I stopped taking BC a month ago and my boyfriend and I decided whatever happens, happens. I feel like I'm crazy for wanting another baby, but maybe that's because I'm an only child so idk what's normal age range or if getting pregnant now is to early. I loved being pregnant, I had a great pregnancy and labor was a breeze so I think I can handle two kids. I guess I'm curious has anyone else had anything similar happen, and if so how'd you feel? Also is it to early to start trying for another? I'm a stay at home mom and my boyfriend makes enough to make sure bills are paid with money left over between checks so we can afford another baby. It's just idk if its to early to want another.

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