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Ovulation signs... How long??

How long do ovulation symptoms usually hang about for. This is my 1st cycle off bcp so still learning

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all depends on the woman...i get symptoms before during and 1 to 2 days after O

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The pill could well be still working it's way out of your system for a few cycles, so if things seem a little crazy don't worry.

My pattern is usually EWCM 4 and 3 days before O, which then turns to watery CM day before and day of O. Sometimes EWCM on more days instead of watery, but that's generally it.

On saying that though, on cycles where ovulation has been delayed due to stress or whatever i can get EWCM in patches from many days before O. It's like my body is trying a couple of times before it finally kicks out an egg. Because you're coming off the pill it could be like this with you. Or, you might not even get any EWCM yet. It might take time for you body to adjust.

Good luck!

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