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Luvy how are you hun?

Spiffy sorry for the bfn hun. I think a BFP will come soon for you, if you feel ready xxx

TTC, lian, are you ticking along ok? I have been trying to keep my head down. Very glad to get past v-day, had some scary days of anxiety, feel a bit more relaxed now. I have a feeling I will go early again tho, just hoping it's past 35w like last time, I'm taking progesterone daily now until it runs out, approx 32w I believe.

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Hi Dan-o. Congrats on the V-day.
I just had my NT scan and bub is measuring 3 days ahead, which gave me a bit of a relief as all my other pregnancies, I am always measuring 1-2 days behind. MS is also kicking my butt, so maybe just maybe this will be my rainbow baby.

Had a long cry in the shower earlier. Tomorrow is L's due date. I never thought it would still hurt, I don't even know what triggered it, I just can't stop being emotional.

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Spiffy, I'm so sorry. I think it's so smart to take care of your depression and then move forward. I attended counseling for depression for a year after my husband called a therapist for me in April 2016. I never realized postpartum depression was possible after miscarriage but it very very much is. Hope you can get back to your normal happy self soon

Dano, happy to hear you're doing well!!!! Are you still using progesterone suppositories? Have they mentioned those progesterone shots to you?

Lian I'm sorry. I had a really tough time with the anniversary of my last loss for whatever reason. Even though it's a happy time to be pregnant with a new baby it's still tough to face due dates and anniversaries. Idk why but anniversaries have been much worse than due dates which I did not expect so just a heads up.
Beautiful little baby on the scan!

I'm doing alright! My anemia (which is due to a disorder and can't be fixed with iron) is giving me a hard time lately. I don't really get out much anymore. My dh is home 3 days a week (works 12hr shifts) and always lets me rest a lot while he's home. This past week I spent Monday being monitored in the hospital because I had a very bad dizzy spell that wouldn't go away and my bp was a little high for me. So they sent me over and everything was thankfully fine. But I'm getting horribly dizzy on a regular basis so I really don't trust myself to drive or anything.
At my last scan baby Ford measured 60th percentile and everything looked good! I have another scan on the 29th and then will likely go to weekly nst and bio physical profile scans. Oh! And we decided to go ahead and schedule a repeat c section for 39 weeks unless there's a reason to move it sooner ❤️

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