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Hey everyone! Glad to see this thread revived

Spiffy, I have to say, not sure if it's a weird post mc thing, shoddy tests, or something else, but I had tests like these every dang month after my last loss. I wasn't pregnant. Once even got a pink frer and idk if it was a chemical or what but I think my hcg was doing weird crap! I see little smudge lines on your tests but they look so odd! Not evap-y enough but not bfp either! I'm sorry you're in the stupid testing limbo right now! Keep us updated!

As for me, I'm trucking along. C section is scheduled for Halloween SO not what I wanted. But it's 39 weeks exactly. Didn't have much choice. But I do hope maybe I'll go into labor on my own before that. If I do, I think I'd try a vbac. But I wouldn't want to be induced and they want him out at 39 weeks. So it's scheduled. I might be trying to bring on labor myself by 38 weeks though.

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Gosh Spiffy, it's hard to tell. What brand are they? The Walmart cheapies did that to me almost every month.

AFM, no really even trying right now. (Dh's choice) but that's okay. We need to both be ready and honestly I don't know that I am ready either. My body is still being weird post mc. I spotted for almost 2 weeks, had a week break, then my normal period last week and out of nowhere I'm not spotting again. I guess my body isn't quite ready yet either.

Super exciting for everyone in the third trimester! It won't be long now!

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TTC, sorry your c-section is scheduled on Halloween! Hopefully you can get him moving a little sooner.

Luvy, I'm sorry you're in a hard place right now with your cycle being messed up and not feeling sure about TTC. I still have my moments where in not sure I want to keep trying, but at the same time not feeling sure that my family is complete uet, either.

I think if it were just these tests, I'd write it off as bad luck with evaps and crap like that, but I've been getting early pregnancy symptoms, too, and that's what's really been messing with my head. But AF is due Wednesday or Thursday, so I'll know soon enough, I guess.

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