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Back on BnB! Wooo.. Weeee etc!

Never thought this would be the case yet but here i am! If any of my old bnb buddies see this i urge you to keep quiet on fb pretty please!!

So i have a daughter who is a bit over 2.5 years old. I first landed on here we were ttc with her so all this ntnp is very new to me! Obviously i know it's not a dead cert i will get pregnant but i'm hoping the first trial run pf ntnp with the husband may convince him to jump us up on to ttc next month hehehehe. Ovulation sticks are on order!

Been tracking my cycle via he Clue app on my phone the last 3 months. Before i had my daughter i was having 5 day periods on a 28 day cycle. Now i'm 6/7 days with a 30 day cycle! (Maybe i was 30 before hence why she was 6 days late?! Who knows!). Quite excited to start peeing on some ovulation sticks again. Never thought i'd hear myself say that!! Lol

With my daughter i got pregnant first time after charting and making sure i was healthy. Making more room for weight gain this time around as after my last pregnancy i put on 4 stone!! Taken me a long time but nearly at a bmi of 22. Not sure if i'll get there before the next bfp.

Anyways, if i fall pregnant this month it'll be a july baby. Hoping for am august or december one i think though failing that a may baby! We shall see!!!


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