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Can Implantation Spotting Stop and Start?

I first noticed spotting around 6 DPO. It was pinprick of red blood - I wiped once and it was gone. Over the next two days, it faded from pink to brown.

Fast forward to 10 DPO, and I spotted a good amount of reddish-brownish CM - just barely enough to find in my nickers, but more than the first occurrence. This has continued over into today, 12 DPO. It is almost entirely brown CM with slight amounts of pink. It has not gotten heavier, but it seems to stop and start. It's there when I wipe in the afternoon, then gone by evening. And it accompanies cramping.

I have had brown spotting before AF, but never ever this early. It started at just 6 DPO. Or if you count the second occurrence, 10 DPO - a whole 7 days before AF. The earliest brown spotting ever starts for me is 4 days before, and that's pushing it.

Feeling very confused. Anyone had spotting like this? If so, what was the outcome?

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