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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Not sure if it's a period or implantation

So I have pcos, and I was put on metformin November of last year in an effort to get my body regulated. I hadn't had a period in over a year. Within a couple weeks of the metformin I had a "half-assed" period where I spotted for 2 weeks, then stopped. December I had no period, then the first week of January I had a full on legit period (spot day one, bleed medium flow days 2-5, spot day 6, all done). At the beginning of February, we moved from pulling out method because we weren't ready, to "not trying, but not preventing".

I haven't had a legit period yet this month. On Sunday I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Then the next day (Monday) I started spotting on toilet paper and was like, "oh, ok, I'm starting my period. That's cool." Since we're not really trying, but not preventing I've mainly been focusing on getting my periods regular and my body ready for when we really do start trying. (Light exercise, prenatal vitamins, etc) So I wasn't disappointed when I saw the spotting. Problem is, it's a couple days later, I'm still only spotting and it's been a brown color. I've read about implantation bleeding before, and that if it happens it's usually either light pink or brown in color. A large part of me is hoping for pregnancy, but I worry about an ectopic pregnancy because of my pcos.

Other "could be period/could be pregnancy" symptoms I've had are chronic dull headaches, being very tired - like super tired. I got 8 hrs sleep Monday night, took a 4 hr nap Tuesday afternoon, then had no issues falling back asleep Tuesday night. Granted I only got 5 hrs so far, but still it's weird for me to take that long of a nap then have no issue falling asleep that night.
Occasional boob twinges (nothing very painful or sore, just twingey), ocassional nausia but it might have been something I ate.

Anyway, thoughts? If my "period" doesn't step up in the next couple days I'll prolly take another pregnancy test.

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