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Could I be pregnant?

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and need your advice?

I have started to get fluttery movements in my stomach (mostly below my belly button) and I've never had them before which is making me think is it possible for me to be pregnant. I've had my period every month which makes me think I'm not pregnant but I've spoken to some family members and they said they had period like bleeding every month throughout there pregnancy it's making me worried. I've taken HPTs and they are negative but I know people who didn't get a positive result until they had an ultrasound and were 4-5 months pregnant.

I have been having unprotected sex. I'm not on birth control and we use the pull out method.

The symptoms I'm having are these:
- pain in lower back
- weird taste in mouth
- fluttering in lower abdominal
- sore nipples
- mood swings
- bloating
- weight gain
- sometimes light headed
- nausea

Sorry for the long post but I'd appreciate any advice or experience like this that you have.

Thank you xxx

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I think it's very unlikely you are pregnant. You've had negative tests and you're still menstruating. For a 1st baby you wouldn't usually feel movements until 17-18 weeks when you would definitely have a positive test. The pull out method isn't a great form of contraception though maybe you should think about using another form if you really don't want to be pregnant.

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The flutterings must be a baby!!!!!!
Sorry but pmsl, go see your doctor

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