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new here, would love input

Hi there, I'm Dee and am 32. I've got a daughter who will be 11 in July. I've just begun seeing someone real after being single for 2.5 years. We are not preventing but not trying. My tww has been a bit odd. Would love to have input. I only have a 26 day cycle and am usually right on time ( I've also got pcos if that's important ) so AF was due yesterday, I typically get cramps and know she's here. A few days before she was due I had translucent snot like slightly yellow mucous for a couple of days. Like unbreakable. Well I thought af showed yesterday midday, but it's been just streaks of pink or brown when I wipe. I did dry up but am now seeing clear mucous with the pink tint. Still no cramps at all. I don't get it. My period is usually the same always. Could I be pregnant? Or is my cycle off because of all the sex I've been having? Thanks for reading!

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