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Odd question

Hi Ladies, I've got an odd question for you. Can you BD toooo much? Lol and not get pg? While we aren't supposed to be trying, I find myself disappointed each month when AF shows. I don't want to try, but I want it to happen 😂😂😂 my bf and I see each other 3-4 days a week and typically BD 1-3 times each day we are together. My friend said we could be doing it too much to get pg so I thought I'd ask the experts :-) any input would be great!

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I have no idea really, but the month I got my BFP we only BD once, and outside of what I thought was my fertile window, lol.

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My OH and I rarely BD more than once a day, and we were caught by surprise with our LO. I'd say not, maybe you're just really lucky and not DTD around your O

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You actually can do it too much. Every other day is optimal for sperm to regenerate in large enough numbers to be successful. Every day more than once a day can cause low sperm count. Hth

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Really not sure, i don't see how you can BD too much.

My DH and I BD'd twice a day around my fertile window and I got pregnant straight away.

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