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Late and BFing 6 months PP

So The 5th came and went without a visit from my dear Aunt Flo. We're using condoms but not always properly and I can't take most BC because of a clotting condition. I had a weird, short bleed last month (FYI the month before I found out I was preggo with my 6 month old son I had the same thing happen to me, and it seems I concieved around then) I took tests a week after the last bleed and they were negative so I went on my merry way. It's now the 7th and AF doesn't seem to even be preparing to show up. I haven't tested yet- mostly because I'm trying to wait and see if it is just a stress delay but I will be picking up a test tonight or even tommorow. My period returned 2 months PP, even with EBFing. I've had more stress in the past and still had periods so I'm a little doubtful about that being the cause, but who knows. The only other times in my life I've been late has been when I've been pregnant. Nathan has been the only live birth I've had. And while we were planning on having children close in age we weren't exactly planning them so soon, I'm a little nervous considering my son tore me from inside out badly enough that I lost enough blood to pass out during labor. Has any other mommies out there experianced pregnancies so close together, and If it was safe?

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