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Anyone NTNP after baby?

I'm currently pregnant with my third but DH and I were already discussing a fourth and final baby. Due to age and a high risk level of miscarriage, if we have a fourth baby it'll have to happen pretty quickly, so we were talking about having it close to our third since you have a higher chance of conceiving immediately after a birth. Any of you ladies NTNP or plan on NTNP immediately after the birth of your child?

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We are wainting a fourth & prefer now because we'd like to be done having babies before we reach 30. We have been NTNP & still nothing but I do nurse my baby & which could be why no luck yet even though my period returned about six weeks pp. Our baby is 5 months now & still no #4.

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We are NTNP and have been since we could DTD again
I would be ideal to actually TTC around the time Z is 1 but if it happens sooner we'd be very happy too. Lots of women NTNP/TTC right after

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Like DaisyDreamer said, lots of people try or NTNP right after a baby is born. We've been NTNP since about 2 months after our baby was born. My husband wants us to be done having babies by the time he's 40, so that gives us plenty of time, but we want a big family :-) My cycle hasn't started back up yet. I'm exclusively breastfeeding, so I don't expect it to get going again for awhile. With my first baby I didn't get my period back until right around his 1st birthday.

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Initially we said we'd prevent using NFP but decided we love having babies and we are now NTNP but my husband is surprisingly eager to have another. It has been a pleasant surprise.

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I'm still pregnant, but OH and I have discussed NTNP/TTC shortly after this LO is born. Our initial plan was that we would start TTC when LO was 3 months, then we pushed it back to 6 months. However, I don't plan on going on any birth control - we were just going to use NFP. But I don't give it very long before we just give up preventing at all.

It took us a year to conceive this LO and I have PCOS and endometriosis, so we know that it could take us a while to conceive again. Plus I plan on breastfeeding, which could make it take longer still. So we figured the sooner we started trying for our second, the closer we will actually be to our ideal age gap if it takes a while again. We're prepared for a closer one, though.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's still pregnant and planning out the next one.

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I've been TTC or ntnp since 2008! Breastfeeding delays my AF though, seems to come back around 7m pp or so.

Mother Nature (and losses) have naturally spaced my children. I have almost 4 years between the 3 of them id have liked smaller gaps but it wasn't to be!

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We have an almost 4 month old and have been NTNP. We decided we'd TTC at 6 months, which for me might mean taking Clomid and Metformin again for PCOS. My AF came back already last month! But I stopped breastfeeding at 5 weeks.

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We'll be ntnp as soon as we're able to dtd, we won't be bothering with contraception. If it happens great, if not I won't be going through ovarian drilling and clomid again.

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I did this between all my babies . I had a hard time conceiving my eldest child (4 years ttc) so thought we would see what happens!! It's the best way to get pregnant haha x

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