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7 days late & still negative (TMI)


You may have known me from my previous post. Today I am here again because I am so confused and really starting to get stressed out.

A little heads up it's a bit long, please bear with me as I don't really know what to do anymore.

My period last month was 18th April -22nd April. I had unprotected sex during my period, the days after my period and yes up to now. I know it's very irresponsible but I trusted my new partner but as you see we both played with fire. I got my BC few weeks ago and still waiting for AF visit so I can start but I am now 7 days late.

Anyway I had been to the gynaecologist, several emergency visit to the hospital and even confined at the hospital because I have been having terrible lower back pains that comes and goes that could possible be from spinal injury (from running?) I still yet to see a traumatologist on Wednesday but I am afraid that if they need to give me a scan and I am actually pregnant that it could have a bad effect.

I had an internal scan and ultrasound to see if possible kidney stones or baby growing inside me but none, she said my cervix is okay too.

I normally have my period for 5 days and 28 days cycle and now I am very worried because according to my period tracker I ovulated on 01/05 and had unprotected BD from 21/04 almost everyday after my period and the days that says I am fertile

On the 13/05 we BD and I noticed I had been lightly bleeding after so I thought it was AF but the blood was like light red and with a mix of brown (TMI) and since then wore a tampon but I noticed that the bleeding didn't last and didn't become heavy or normal in the next 3 days so I just wore the usual panty liners but it hardly came out TMI and only shows when I pee and when I wipe. I don't have UTI I have been tested for that too. It last for I think 4 days? and the last 2 days the light brown blood only shows when wiping.

16-05 was expecting AF but never showed, I have been feeling sick and more tired even though I literally was at the hospital bed with lower back pains. My blood pressure is normal too just with slight anemia and had been taking iron tabs since.

It's 22-05 now and the last few days since missing my period I have been feeling tired almost the whole day, getting very dizzy, cramps, lower left back pains, increase urination, feeling full and painful breasts that comes and goes, nausea that comes and goes esp when I wake up in the morning when my stomach is empty that I feel so sick I can't eat but no vomiting, nausea after eating a bit too, slightly sensitive nose that makes me sick if I smell something strong. I am so weepy, moody, depressed and very irritated lately. Last week after my very light bleeding I had negative with blood test.I have done HPT twice since missed period and both came out BFN.

Am I being paranoid and that's why I'm getting these symptoms but I can't help but suspect I could be pregnant especially after all the unprotected BD we had and thus the delayed AF

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