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Opinions Please =)

HI I'm Jay. 24 years old and in perfect health. I have a long summary followed by a question. If you have time please read.
OK. I hooked up with my guy friend May 13th. I don't remember having AF in May but I also had graduation, mothers day and my birthday so if I didn't I would've chalked it up to stress. However, starting June 15th (two weeks ago) I woke up and felt like I had a horrible hangover (i wasn't drinking at all) and that went on until 3 days ago. I had to live on lemon juice and water, it was the only thing that could settle my stomach and even that would only last for 30 minutes and I would be nauseous again. On the way to a party, my nipples were itching so bad I had to literally pull over and take my bra off to scratch them (TMI). I haven't had any sore boobs, cramps, or PMS symptoms but when I went to the bathroom my AF had come. so I was like "ok, panics over". then today I woke up, AF was gone (only 3 days early) and my throat is ridiculously sore. Its been in the 90s for the past 3 months in SC I'm 100% certain I don't have a cold or anything its just random. Before I bring a home pregnancy test into my house (i am engaged to a woman) I need to know if I'm being dramatic or logical? I don't want to bring drama in my house if its not needed.

*I've never been pregnant before. I'm not aware of anything about symptom other than what i've read online**

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Can you take a test at work or something?

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I agree with pp, couldn't you just take a test while you were out? Sure we can tell you if your symptoms sound like pregnancy symptoms but it won't give you answers. I've had pregnancy symptoms and not been pregnant and no symptoms at all and gone on to get a bfp that cycle. Good luck and hope you get the outcome your hoping for.

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