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Missed period and bleeding

Hi. I joined this forum because I haven't gotten proper answers on another, only questions, to whose answers are: 1) no, I do not have PCOS; 2) my periods are regular (30 day cycles).

About ten days ago I went to the ER due to ovarian pain. Needless say, there was a cyst there (not follicular). However, it was only 3cm. My endometrium was 11mm thick and the doctor told me to expect my period in 2 days tops (a few days after it was due). He told me that if it did not come within 10, I should take a hpt. The pain/cramping was gone the following day. Five days later, I began bleeding. I thought it was my period, but then I noticed something very off: it was bright red blood while wiping (no old blood, no clots, no tissue), with the occasional drop on the panty liner. I'd never had that. Plus I had zero cramping (all my life, even o birth control, I've had very strong cramps for days). Dragged my butt to the ER yet again, and the doctor confirmed breakthrough bleeding, as my endometrium was still there, yet thinner (6.5mm). He sent me home saying I was fine, to do the hCG blood test just to "rule out" pregnancy, as he thought was unlikely, and to expect a real period in 30 days. His claims were "irregular periods", but my periods were just fine, real and regular. WTF?

I am now 12 days late. Bleeding was on Thursday/Friday and lasted for only 30 hours.

Could I be pregnant? Or could the bleeding have been caused by something else? Why was only part of the endometrium shed when I had one thick enough for my real period less than a week before? Now that the residual blood is gone, I just wiped a chunk of tacky, stretchy, opaque CM. Any input would be of help. Thanks!

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