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(Sorry if gross) Could I have had a miscarriage before even knowing I was pregnant?

Hello. I don't usually do this, but I'm curious. And I really hate to stir up any bad memories, but I'm concerned. And if this is in the wrong section, my sincerest apologies, I'm obviously pretty new to the site. Anyhow, the reason for my concern is, well, my husband and I are not really trying to have a , as per the reason I chose this forum, but we're not actively using any prevention methods. Anyhow, I'm not close to my period, I'm about in the middle as far as how close I am from finishing/when I should start again. Yesterday once and today once, I used the restroom and when I wiped there was a small bit of blood. Nothing drastic, but I noticed it because, well, I thought it was weird. And then a few hours ago I used the restroom and when I wiped there was a very tiny piece of light pinkish flesh on the paper. I wouldn't have even noticed it had it not looked as though there were a small vein of blood through it. Am I wrong to think it could have been a very early ? Or is it something else? I've never been , so I don't really know much more than what I've heard/read. And again, so sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I just wanted some guidance from some people who seem friendly and experienced.

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If your in the middle of your cycle Hun there's no way it could be a miscarriage. You ovulate around the middle of your cycle. For example if you had a 28 day cycle you would most likely ovulate day 14, then the next two weeks are called a luteal phase which is where if you have caught that egg it makes its way down and implants. Until that egg implants a baby doesn't grow, it's just a fertilised egg. Did you have a normal period the month before? If you did its most likely just a random event that personally I wouldn't worry too much about if it hasn't happened again.

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There are months where i spot while I am ovulating. It is perfectly normal. If you were having a miscarriage with bleeding you would know. It is usually a lot of blood and clots. Don't worry.

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I hhad exactly the same thing and its because i didnt o that month so it decided to start again i had a 2 week cycle and im normaly just shy of 5. I have also had another cycle that was just super long as i delayed o so its not a case of same thing haplens every time. Its not to worry about it happebs but if it hallens a few times in 6 months see a doc but 2 times is normal. But yeah i would say u just didnt o

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