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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Symptom checking? TMI Sorry. Kinda new to this.

Hi. I'm new here. This is my first post. Let me give you a little history of what's been going on. We are not trying, but we have had on/off discussions about kids. I want one eventually. I would love one now, but I understand that he would love to wait until he got his promotion at work, and I found a better paying job. I totally get how that is logical. BUT I also hope every time that we have sex that he doesn't pull out. It happens occasionally. Well, earlier this month I made a comment about wanting a baby. He grabbed me up and we had sex, unprotected. Afterwards, I asked what that was about. He said, "You wanted a baby."

So, even though I would love to just know for sure if he REALLY wants this, it's kind of fun just not knowing when this is going to happen for sure. I think he's afraid of the financial burden but that he really wants one. I think we would be okay, but it probably would be smarter to wait another year or two. Honestly though, I think we would be just fine.

Anyway, so now I'm assuming I'm about 5-7 DPO. I ovulated a day or two after that little incident. I'm about 9-12 days before my next period. I used to have 28 day cycles like clockwork. For about four months, they changed to about 30-31 day cycles and then for the past three months they have been 28 to 29 day cycles, so who knows. I do know that I had EWCM around the time we

So this is me so far: (And I don't chart or do temps, so this is just guess work.)

2-4 DPO: Milky Cm Soft Cervix, low, closed

5-6 DPO Lotion/Watery CM (I had 2 nightmares around this time. I've heard it could be a symptom.) soft cervix, low closed.

6-7 DPO- Sticky/ Watery CM
Medium Hard cervix, very low, open.

Today, about 7 DPO, I've had cramps. That's 9-12 days before my period, which is a little sooner than normal. Usually I cramp 5-7 days before and the first day or so isn't a constant cramp. This is a constant cramp.

So, what does this seem like? Honestly, I found this to be a weird cycle with my Cervix being closed like that for so many days and then suddenly slightly opened. Would it be open if I were pregnant? But if I weren't pregnant, why would it close and be soft for those few days, and why am I cramping so soon?

Sorry, I might be reading into all of this too much, but I needed somewhere to keep track of this. If this isn't my month, I hope he feels like taking a chance again next month.

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That's a tricky question. Your cervix should stay closed either way, as 7 DPO seems way too early for your cervix to start to open for AF. Were you using opks? How do you know you ovulated 7 days ago? The only reason I ask is because it could be possible that you are ovulating now. On the other hand, I've also heard that it doesn't really matter if your cervix is open near the bottom, as long as it is closed near the top. Some women do go through their entire pregnancies with their cervix slightly open.

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