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Anybody else with me? NTNP after the depo!!

I had my last jab back in January 2016, I stopped it due to bleeding every 10 weeks on it, not because of wanting a 3rd child.

I've suffered with terrible depression my whole life, but hit rock bottom after having my second. She never slept, never stopped crying so my depression sky rocketed and forced me to face it!! For the last year I have worked on me. I'm happier and healthier than I have ever been and then 2 months ago my husband drops the 3rd baby bombshell on me! So here we are.

It took us 2.5yr to conceive our second and that was whilst actively TTC, ovulation sticks etc etc. So this time we are NTNP like we unintentionally did with our first!

My cycle returned in October, Ovulation pains around CD8 but my cycle seems to of changed to 29 days as apposed 28. They tell you to wait around 12months for fertility to return but for me, my monthly is a good sign it's getting there!!

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Good luck!

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Hi. Im in a similar situation. My depo was due end of march 2016 which i never got. My periods returned october time but were very light and only lasted a couple of days. My last one in december was more normal for me although it did only last for 4 days. Im normally 6-7 days so things are getting back to how they should be slowly.
The first time off the shot i got my periods back after 3 months and was pregnant with twins by month 5 so its taking considerably long this time round but things are heading in the right direction im just geting impatient with it taking longer this time round. I will be testing around the 22nd jan if af doesnt show up.
Good luck to you ��

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I had my last depo In Jan 16 also but I've been bleeding constantly still We're NTNP. It's been a 2 year period now Feels as though it's never going to end!

Good luck to you!! x

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