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Hey y'all I just had my birth control arm implant removed a month and a half ago and I had my first period started Dec 17th, sense yesterday I have had cramping and the toilet paper is very slightly pink when I wipe after using the potty..... think this is from getting off of my birth control ?

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It could be, could be all the hormones playing tricks. I haven't had the implant but I know my first cycle after stopping taking the pill I was convinced I was pregnant because my hormones went haywire and I had what I'd consider to be loads of pregnancy symptoms!

Has there been anything else since?

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It is probably just hormones, hun. I have had problems with coming off of hormonal BC. I will get bleeding around the time of ovulation although sometimes I don't actually release an egg until a few months after I stopped. The last time I came off BC it took 48 days for my cycles to return.

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