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I'm so lost?! brown cm, CD29, no real symptoms!! HELP!

Okay, so I'm CD29 (well, 30 given the time of day!)of a very consistent 28 day cycle.. I've had some tenderness/itching in my nipples, random heartburn so intense I felt nauseous, but really nothing else. I ovulated on 12/25-12/26 (CD 15-16). I was due for AF on the 6th. It's now very early morning of the 8th. Late evening on the 7th I had a light brown discharge, then nothing.
Usually before AF I'm a complete brat, who eats everything and my face breaks out terrible. But I have the opposite of all of that.
Pregnant? Or weird cycle?

Also, I have some light but consistent lower back pain, constipation (TMI, sorry!) And when I feel crampy it's only on the right side?

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