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Not sure what to think -ectopic march 2016

Hi Ladies, sorry in advance my post is so long- last time i posted I discovered I was pregnant and then less than a week I discovered my pregnancy (had what i thought was AF and off n on bleeding/spotting 2 wks before bfp) I was in emergency surgery becuase i was actually bleeding out due to internal bleeding from ruptured tube. My regular doctor told me at follow up that basically since the er surgeon took that tube out I basically had half of a tubal but could still get pregnant. He said that what could also happen is the left tube- if long enough- could carry my egg from the right ovary when I ovulate from that side. I have not been really trying and we havent been preventing. Cycles have been on time since my surgery (28-29 days) which is crazy because they ahve always fluctuated 32-35 days. No gynecological or hormonal issues.

Since surgery I have been a steady 28-29 day cycle.
Im assuming this month dec 22 cd 13 that I ovulated. (SHOw/EWCM) we BD twice on cd 10. I had pos opk cd 11/12 neg 13.
Anyway- fast forward
Im on CD 30.
I had spotting/light bleed for thursday cd 27 which was creamy pink then stopped.
Friday cd 28 woke up with a cold - by afternoon noticed light and red with brown- not enough to soak even the firat layer of tampon- dime sized amount. Slept with no pad or tamp and was good.
Cd 29 (af expected date) woke up checked cervix with toilet paper and about half dollar size of blood and dark red. Ok... AF here. But no bleeding after that. Just brown and specs of red again not even enough to go through the tampon. All day dime to quarter size amounts of blood on tampon changed every 2 hrs. I did Pregnancy twst yesterday BFN with what i see as a very faint line on first signal Pt and im taking it as negative because those tests sometimes have horrible indents and it was more grayiah than purple-albeit it did show before 5 mins and stayed. Im skeptical.
Slept with tampon last night since last night i saw the same half dollor spotting of blood and said oh ok AF is here. Cervix was low firm.

Woke up today cd 30 and the tampon had nothing on it. Cervix high soft. Still have a cold. No spotting no light bleed. At the moment very faint light blood but Dry and sticky cervix still high and soft- twinges on my right side (where i lost my tube)

I want a bfp and it would be great but I keep saying no no no because i dont want to be excited to think its possible and then have my hopes taken away if and when or when and if AF comes. But im willing to except what is for me will happen in the right time. I always found support on here to be the greatest and idk- if i can speak honestly. I dont know what to do- if im looking at everything right i would say That if i did actually concieve - i think i wouldve implanted on the 4th due to low temp on the 5th. The 5th cd 27 is also when spotting started. That seems pretty late to implant. Idk what to think.
Im scared to be pregnant again- but want to be. Scared because i dont want my last tube to be effected simply because i would think i would have a bfp by now if i was. I have no other symptoms. My last preg i carried to term was in 2014. And i didnt have symptoms until like 6 weeks so i try not to symptom spot. Im driving myself crazy. I have an old school (lol) FRER which i refuse to use until i reach cd 35.
Idk what im looking for maybe i just need to vent to ladies who understand what Im going theough in my mind and heart.

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Before you found out you were pregnant, did you have a missed period? Any pain?

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