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Am I out or not??? (Maybe a bit of rambling sorry in advance)

So I had a period on the 26th of January completely ending on the 30th and according to my tracker my fertile week started from the 2nd of February. Throughout that week I had pink spotting upon wiping (I've never had this before?) which then turnt into more of a light to medium bleed after a week right up until yesterday when it became a bit heavier. I took a hpt and got a faint but clear positive so took myself straight to the hospital. When I got there they done a urine test which showed negative then done a blood test which came back with hcg levels of 63 and a definite positive. One nurse told me it was likely I was "just miscarrying" while the next nurse came bouncing in congratulating me on my pregnancy?!? I just looked at her in utter shock and replied "excuse me?" Then she asked oh why is it you're here? So I told her I was there because I was bleeding a lot and that I'd been previously told I'm "probably miscarrying" to which she replied "oops I must stop doing that" WTF?!?!?!? Anyway so today before I went for my emergency scan i used a clear blue digital and it came back saying pregnant 1-2 weeks! Upon arrival to the hospital I had another urine test but today it was a faint positive so we went ahead with an internal scan which showed nothing at all! All the nurse could say was "perhaps it's just all gone now" and that I should have another blood test tomorrow to see if my hcg levels rise, the bleeding has pretty much stopped now I'm just left in limbo And I won't have anymore results until Saturday! has anyone else been through anything similar? Please any info would be great! xxxxx

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I am so sorry you are having all this confusion and I can't believe those nurses! Wow that is awful. I know sometimes nothing will show on an ultrasound if it's very early days so maybe that was the problem. A lot of people get bleeding in early pregnancy and then everything turns out fine so it's possible.. (I bled for two weeks when I was pregnant with my son!) I hope you get some answers soon. And hopefully good news.

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