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I see what u mean, we have just started for Baby #2 and I am torn whether testing a week early on my birthday this weekend or just leave it. We had sex right at the beginning and end of my fertile window, had lots of stuff to do so I was tired and thought whatever happen happens. I am not tracking temperature just estimate with my dates and I got in my head I was pregnant last month and was proper desapointed ( I had symptoms everywhere, lol) so I think I ll just leave it and see if AF turns up this month.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I wish I could stop tracking but with my age, overweight (technically), and health issues we have to make sure that everything is happening properly each month. I am trying to lose the weight and my health is stable enough that all drs signed off on us trying. Our first three were all while on birth control. We lost our first at 4 months. Course our youngest was 7 yrs ago soo its hard to know what to expect. We had some changes in life that made us realize we really want a large family but now we are working against the clock! I worry I am going to stress out too much about it. I am a very logical person that plans everything so having things out of control drives me nuts...just trying not to drive hubby and those that know nuts too!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I am going the NTNP route now. We started TTC in July and after 4 BFN cycles, I am feeling done. I know 4 cycles isn't a lot, but i get very stressed and anxious while TTC. So, for now I am taking a break from all of the opk's etc. I have irregular periods so I will have no clue when I am ovulating now but I will just have to be okay with that! We will not BD on a schedule either, just whenever it happens it happens. Plus. I had this feeling a couple weeks ago that right now is not our time to get pregnant and maybe in 6-12 months it will be? Hard to explain, just this strong impression I got. So no point in in killing myself if it isn't going to happen anyway!

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Yes! When we tried for my daughter back in 2014 we were actively TTC. We had one month down and it felt like a chore and was stressing us out. We decided to go with the flow and just DTD when we wanted to (and thankfully back then we both had high libido lol) I ended up pregnant the second month of NTNP.

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