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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Looking for answers...

Hi, ladies!

Was hoping maybe someone here could help me, as I'm driving myself a bit crazy.

I have a solid 28 day cycle. I always start my period, like clockwork, on the day I'm supposed to as soon as I go pee for the first time in the morning. Well, this month has been a bit strange.

I started my last period on Feb. 1st. On Feb. 19, I got what I thought was my period, very early. I put a tampon in, but when I pulled it out, it only had just a bit of brown and deep red on it. So, I didn't put another one in. I had blood, but only when I wiped from Feb. 19 - Feb. 23rd. On Feb. 24th after my husband and I had sex, I bled just a bit more, but only when wiping. My usual period is 5 days, Wednesday through Sunday. And this wasn't like my normal period.

My period was supposed to start yesterday, what gives?

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