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cycle returning while ebf on demand

I'm 10 weeks pp and ebf on demand. We've been unprotected since 4 weeks pp. We're thinking whatever happens happens. I had a period like bleed between week 7 and 8 and neg test on advice of my gp a few days ago. Now I am headachy, sore boobs for past couple of days and spotting off and on. Could it be my body might be trying to kickstart my cycle or maybe just pp fun and games?

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So I'm way further PP than you, 16 months, so all this is foggy for me. But I seem to remember that any bleeding before 8 weeks pp is still considered lochia? Or is that just 6 weeks. Pp hormones can be out of whack for months, so I wouldn't rely on any symptoms at all. Keep testing at least once a month or more often for sure though!! I'm still ammenorrheic at 16 mos pp but everyone is different, some mom's do get af back right away. It's also possible you're ovulating but breastfeeding will keep you from sustaining a pregnancy in other ways.

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I'm 6 months pp and af has yet to return. I know it's possible to get pregnant while bfing so I stocked up on ics to test once a month. A few months ago, I had sore boobs was nauseous and crampy and it turned out to be nothing. Every once in a while I get cramps and lower back pain like I'm going to start, but still waiting. My cousin got her period back at 2 months pp. Every woman is different.

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