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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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When to worry... NTNP 3+ years


Some brief background: I was on birth control briefly when my husband and I first met but BC does not agree with me very well so I went off shortly after and we started using condoms. About 4 years ago (the year of our wedding) we started using a kind of half-attempted withdrawal method, and for the last roughly 3ish years we've kind of just been letting nature take it's course. We've been somewhere between NTNP and TTC since then.

I don't chart, temp, regularly ovulation test, anything like that and honestly we would rather not right now. I have a cycle tracker app that I track my cycles with and that is about it. I have very regular and predictable periods, NEVER miss one. As we're pretty busy, I wouldn't say we're overly sexually active by any means but usually at least 1-2 a week and usually even more during estimated "fertile" period because it just seems to happen for some reason lol.

As time goes on, and no surprises have popped up, I think both of us are getting increasingly concerned that this may be something we're really going to have to work for in the future. We are 26, so we're not in a scramble at this point and neither one of us want to commit to completely diving in and doing the whole obsessive tracking, scheduling sex thing. But if we are going to have problems, we'd like to know so we can plan accordingly whether that means simply moving our timeline or beginning to save money for any necessary treatments or worst case scenario... potentially adoption (adoption is something we both want to do anyways so I wouldn't necessarily consider it worst case scenario, though we would love biological kids as well if possible.)

Family history wise, we have no reason to suspect that we would have fertility problems (my husband is one of 8 kids and I am one of 3 born all while my mother was on birth control). The only thing to consider is that about 4 years ago my husband did have orchitis which can occasionally, but not commonly, cause infertility.

When should we worry? How long is it "normal" to go without using protection and never getting pregnant?

Should I approach a doctor with this? Will they even discuss this with us if we haven't been actively trying for over a year?

Anyone with any experience or advice on this would be super helpful - thanks!

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I don't have any experience with this, but I'd say if you're having regular unprotected sex for more than a year the doc will at least talk to you. It's worth a conversation at this point!

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I definitely agree with BunInTheBelly! Even if you're not ready to start TTC now, a visit with your doctor sounds like it could be helpful for you.

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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I agree, normally after a year TTC they can start the fertility test, at least it's good to know where you're at

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