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Late cycle, cramping, late ovulating, slight discharge.... Help?

I am not asking if im pregnant lol. Only a test will answer that; im well aware of that.

This my be a little rambled; but i am going to go in order.

Im having some issues and what i am wanting help with is: has anyone dealt with this and what was your outcome.

I went to my obgyn 4 days before my expected period due to extreme pain on my right (pelvic/lower abdomen) and (i look 5 months pregnant) bloating. During the pelvic exam she states my right ovary was and is swollen.

Ultrasound was done to check on the complex cyst i had on my right ovary, during ultrasound she said she didnt see the complex cyst anymore (i assume it ruptured and why i was in extreme pain) she then said i was ovulating! She seen the corpus luteum/egg/whatever term and that my extreme pain was due to that; ovulating! All confirmed by ultrasound.

So i ovulated 4 days before expected period. Im only 1 day late. Cycle/AF was due yesterday. I never knew i could ovulate 4 days before cycle!

My cycle is every 24days, exact.

I never stopped cramping for more than 2 days this entire month.

I have had what felt like AF flow "gushing" which was watery white/eggwhite discharge last night (AF due day). No blood.

My left boob has been so sore, which is a new thing for me!

Headaches are insane.

Started with lower back pain(right side) this morning (1 day late)

We are using condoms as protection.

When i wiped 2 days before my AF was due there was pink and slight brown, but that was only when i wiped and only a tiny little bit.

My questions are;

Has anyone dealt/experienced this?

Why oh why am i so extremely bloated?

Could my cycle be late due to late ovulation? (I dont know when i usually ovulate as i dont chart but ultrasound confirmed the ovulation this cycle so that was wednesday and today is sunday)

When should my cycle be back on track ?

Did anyone end up pregnant with these symptoms?

Also; I have done a FRER this morning and legit BFN. I am not TTC but will be happy either way.

Any insight or similar experience with this will help me bunches!

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Mum (Mom)
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Also; i am 26 with 2 children already.

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