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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Should I be worried.

You could say my boyfriend and I have been trying without trying since last October so going on 8 months now. I've always felt like I would have an infertility problem even before being sexual active (weird I know) and this past 8 months have made me worry even more about that. I'd say back in July of last year I had logged on to my health records through my doctors office and in my on going health problems folder it had said that I had been diagnosed with pcos even though my doctor never talked to me about it so I've been meaning to ask my doctor about that. I have had two ovarian cyst before at the same time about a year and half ago so maybe that's why I was diagnosed with it but I know pcos can play a part in infertility. So my question is should I be getting worried about possibly being infertile? Or does anyone have any advice to give me?

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My advice is to call your doctor. They can give you more info as to how you got the PCOS diagnosis, and options to help you with it.

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