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Cd 33 of usually regular 28 day cycle?!?

Hey guys 😊

So long story short I've been off contraception for the last 15 months and ended a long term relationship with my fiance about a month ago the 07/04/17. My last af was 13/04/17-17/04/17 and i've only bd twice since then with the same guy (not my ex-fiance); first time on 21/04 which was cd9 and then again on 05/05 which was cd23.
My cycles are usually always 28 days long but I'm now on cd33.
I haven't really got any symptoms other than I have been extremely exhausted; I can sleep for 10-12 hours at night and then feel like taking naps during the day, its as though i just cant keep my eyes open. I've also been feeling a bit wet downstairs; there have been a few times where i felt a sort of gushing feeling and thought af had arrived but then when I checked my knickers they were just really wet.
And the past day or two I have felt an uncomfortable sort of pain in my lower left back/side area.

I'm just wanting anyone's thoughts because I seriously doubt it could be pregnancy based on the two days in my cycle that I bd as I figure that they're not very fertile days.

Also I don't temp, use opk's or anything of the likes.

Many thanks in advance 😊

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