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Ladies who got a bfp while breastfeeding

I am a mother of 5 so I shouldn't need to do this, but I really want thoughts before concerning my husband with it. I am currently breastfeeding my 9.5 month old as well as my 2 year old. I have not had my period return, however a couple weeks ago I noticed very watery cm that turned into ew consistency. My husband and I are using the pull out method and literally the day I saw the ewcm he told me he may have accidentally gotten a little in me the day before. So it seems to me like it would have been prime time. Soon after I developed a slight yeast infection. Then a couple days later a head cold, now the last 2 days I've been having some cramping/sciatica pain. I believe it would still be too early to test, so I'm hoping someone will have some insight. Also, I checked my cervix this morning. It was pretty high and smooshy😊

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Ive never been able to get pregnant while breastfeeding myself but I know lots of women who have! Let us know if you ended up with a bfp or not!

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