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Period 1 day late??? HELP!!

Hello ladies,

I posted when i was suppose to be 7dpo but then i realized i wasn't ( opps lol) but anyways ladies maybe you can help??

I have white stretchy cm mucus which i thought i only get when i am ovulating I am 1 day late i been having cramps for 2 weeks maybe a little longer or less? i didn't really think much of it... My boobs were sore off and on for the last 2 weeks and it weird because before my period i always have my boobs sore , then when i bleed ( sorry tmi) they stop hurting I did have sex this month so I am not sure if I am pregnant or not... my last period was may 3 of this month and i am basically a 28 day cycle always. Now i am on bc but i took antibiotics for my tooth and a yeast infection.. Sorry tmi .... this month and my doctor said that can cause my birth control to not work..... so my symptoms are.... Stretchy clear cm, and tired and moody and a little bit of cramping..

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