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Could I be pregnant? URGENT ):


Hey peoole! I have been thinking about posting this for a long time so I'm hopeful you can help me to clear my head.
Let's get straight, I'm 16 and my bf 18, on April 20th we had our first sexual interaction ever (I ovulated on April 24th) we just gave each other an oral, he fingered me (no fluids at all) but then I kind of dry-humped him (he was in his undies I was completely naked). Then he got naked for a little bit while I dry humped him, and there was a moment (brief seconds) were his tip touched my labia (I think minor) He put his undies again and when he took them again a little I realized he had precum, no too much tho. We then layer in the bed for 30 minutes aproximately (naked)
It was all fine until I started to worry because my period was due May 3rd and it came until May 8th but it was okay I thought it was just hormonal. Note: on May 5th i communicated this to my boyfriend and he was calmed and told me it was probably nothing because he never ejaculated nor penetrated me, I am aware that sometime all precum has sperm.
He said he would support me no matter what. I had a normal period.
Fast forward to May, 17 and 18 we stayed together and kind of played with each other it wasn't much, on May 17 I dryhumped him again (I wasn't in my fertile window) and in 18th he fingered me (I was in my FW) I also had an interaction on May 22nd (my OVULATION day) :/ We were fully clothed I was on top on him then he was on top of me and then I was just in my underwear and him in top of me (fully clothed). He was never naked that day and I was just naked when he gave me oral sex. That day I ate spicy food and when I was going back home in my car I had cramps but I don't know if I should relate them to the food I ate. The cramps were medium. On the 28th of May I ran a marathon and when I finished I went to the loo and I think (I'm not 100% sure) that I bleed a little bit. (Similar to implantation bleeding but this one was red) im not sure because my panties that day were hot pink so is difficult to notice a difference. Then that following week I was feeling kind of PMS-y but then All was normal and I was praying for my period and definitely not a pregnancy, and my period came (June 5th) two days earlier than expected. It was relatively normal (because I had a day in which I didn't bled and then reactivated)
The only symptoms I'm having are burping and farting but I have always been someone that farts a lot (idk why) so I don't know if I'm being paranoid...
Also on the early days of May (from 2 to 6) I noticed I had a Línea nigra. I'm hoping this is hormonal and because I'm a little bit dark skinned. On the first days of May I also noticed there was hair in my belly which I think I had never seen before.
I haven't felt my breasts sore or tingly, I just had nausea two days ago (I traveled) but nothing else, I don't have morning sickness, and my belly isn't growing but I'm soooooo paranoid.
My boyfriend and I love each other so much, but hes just starting college and I'm a Junior so we're definelty not ready to be parents.


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I think pregnancy is highly unlikely. No penetration or ejaculation and periods somewhat regular (a couple of days early or late isnt much cause for concern) id suggest getting yourself on some form of birth control and enjoy yourself without the worry of an unplanned pregnancy.

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I'd say you're not pregnant. The chances that you are, are very very very slim! As PP already stated, get yourself on some contraception.

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