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Where do I start...

So I should be able to answer my own question seeming as I've had 4 pregnancies and 2 children but unfortunately I am still a little puzzled.
So I've been on the pill for 9months (since ds was born) I had random bleeding while on it. I would bleed for weeks at a time then nothing for weeks. I stopped taking the pill on 14th (13 days ago) I got my withdrawal bleed yesterday. I have Dtd in between stopping the pill and getting my withdrawal bleed and so it's obvious I'm not pregnant.
How would I work out when I'm ovulating as I have never used OPK's.
How long did it take any of you ladies to conceive after stopping the pill?

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I didn't get my BFP until over a year after coming off the pill, but we were NTNP and sometimes even preventing in that time. I did get a BFP the first cycle we actively tried, though.

As for ovulation, pay attention to your CM, that'll give you a window when you might be ovulating and an idea when to test.

For OPK, it really depends on how big of a hurry you're in and your OPK budget! I'd personally wait until after you get AF (not just withdrawal bleed) so you're not using a ton of tests in case your cycle's still wonky and long. But if you're ready to start testing ASAP, begin 8-10 days after your withdrawal bleed started.

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