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Not sure what's going on; thoughts?

I have a regular 28 day cycle with my last period starting on July 1st. My period was due today and it normally is always there when I first wake up but today it wasn't. I only track my period with an app so my ovulation date might not be accurate. I'm not one for usually symptom spotting but I just noticed some differences this time around. My app tells me that I was supposed to ovulate on 7/15. My SO and I slept together on the 13th or 14th. I had some slight spotting when I wiped on the 23rd and 24th but only once each day. For the last week I've had really bad diarrhea and heartburn and the last 2 days I've been slightly nauseous(no vomiting) but only in the morning. Normally I have cramping about 2 days leading up to period but I haven't had any cramping which is just not normal for me. I have a dollar tree test at home but I'm trying not to waste it until I'm at least a few days late. I guess I'm just looking for others experiences. I look forward to some responses.

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You could be pregnant or it could be just a weird cycle. All those things can be pregnancy symptoms or just Pms symptoms. Only one way to find out what's going on. Test should be accurate if your AF was due today. Good luck!

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