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3 days late then a 1 day period???? Help!

Wow it's been years since I was on here....hello I hope you are all still as lovely and helpful as ever! 🙂 OH and I use condoms and track ovulation so only don't use protection when there's no chance of getting pregnant.

But.... I think we messed up. This month I'm 3 days late for AF then it arrived and a day later it's stopped! I did a cheap test when I was 2 days late in the afternoon and it came up BFN.

I have sensitive boobs, crazy dreams, and I'm an emotional wreck. I don't know if that's just stress tho as we can't really afford baby number 4!

Going to test again tomorrow...anyone else have any similar experiences?

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I went through a similar thing this month 2 day period but didn't test. Just put it down to stress. How did you get on x

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