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Nuvaring pregnancy?

Heeyyy, so i started using the Nuvaring about 2 and a half weeks ago, but didnt know they had to be refrigerated. 😒 i left them in my car for about a month, and it had been over 100 for almost the entire time. (Gotta love California)😐 anywho. Lately ive been having some pregnancy symptoms that have me a little uneasy. Very similar to my first pregnancy, but i dont know if its just side effects from the NR or not.Anybody get pregnant while on the NR from leaving them in the car?? What were your symptoms?

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I did this. Not with the nuvaring, but with one of my pill packs. My pharmacy lets me pick up in advance so I had a pack of pills I didn't need to open yet. Left them in my car and didn't think much of it, but was later informed by my OB/GYN that extreme heat can effect them.. Oops!! I never had an accident though.

If you're trying to avoid pregnancy, I would use condoms as a back up until you can get more nuvarings and store them properly. Just to be on the safe side!

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