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Could this be baby #1?

Hello! I haven't ever posted in any of these types of forums, however have read a few threads on a couple sites and am feeling like I just may be pregnant. My SO and I aren't trying but open to the idea as we both love and want children. I am 22. My period has been regular - matches up with my app mostly (I say mostly as my AF is either 1/2 days late or exactly on time). This month, august, I had my period from the 7-11th, and now on the 21st, I am getting what I think is my AF -again. I have had extremely sore, tender breasts all month long, I can't remember if that began before or after the first AF of this month... Either way they've been really sore, my SO hasn't even been able to touch them - yes, that sore! After that first period this month - which was 5(!) days early - I was meant to get my AF around the 29th of this month. It has 'come' 8 days early. I went back in my app and since December 2015, I haven't had an irregular period. This is all so strange. I am wondering if this 'period' is merely spotting or implantation bleeding as it doesn't feel like a regular period, and like I mentioned, it was 8 days early.

I am now getting weird gurgling, what I think are twinges, in my lower abdomen. They vary in length and seem to make their way over to my left side. They are NOT painful at ALL. They just feel weird and are making a me a little gassy. TMI perhaps. What I am also experiencing in regards to this 'period' is definite bleeding however, it is not as dark as usual and I am seeing some brown. I feel extremely tired, but I am not sure if that was because of my lack of sleep last night - mind you, I have been quite tired this whole month... Who knows on that one.

I don't know all the lingo so I am sorry if this is a little longer than most posts. I am curious to know what others think and if they have had similar instances before realizing they were pregnant. It would be great to hear from some of you!

Thank you

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I'd test. You could be experiencing implantation bleeding. It's usually brown or pink in color. I had very sore breasts with my 2nd to the point it hurt so bad to touch. Extreme tiredness is also a common symptom in early pregnant. I hope this helps.

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It is certainly possible. I would test and good luck!

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