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this is drving me crazy

i am about 15 days late as of today (8/23/17). i am not trying to get pregnant. but i am worried b/c if i am i have RH- blooed type and had to have a early shot with my son, so if i am i need to know to get that taken care of it i have too. i keep getting supper faint lines, like the type of lines that you have to hold under a lamp and just make it out. i have been making sure to only pay attention to the ones that show up in the time frame, but i have been looking back at the lines on some of them and see them get darker over time. the darkest line i had ( during the time frame) was on a first response one, the rest have been on the 88 cent Walmart ones (the ones that tend to darken up after a while. they do not seem to be getting much darker as i take them, but they are still there. i thought i was going crazy and just seeing things but i showed my husband and he said he could see them too. we went to the doctor and they said that they only do the urine test first, which is frustrating since i told them that i was getting little to no lines, i was wanting a blood test done. well it came back negative, which i am sure they where not looking at it as closely as i have been. they just told me to come back in 7 days if i have not started and still getting negatives at home and they will do a blood test. if nothing comes back then , they will send me to an ob. i have been having very mild cramps on and off for a week, a little sick at times, but with my son, it took a while for all the symptoms to kick in too and he had very high and healthy HCG numbers. i gave birth in February of this year, but my periods have been pretty normal, started right up and everything like nothing happen, breastfeeding didn't work out so only did that for the first couple of weeks.

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Hi, I thought any lines even faint was a positive. Mine was really feint with my daughter. I missed. It the first time, put it on the side, then had a look at the light before throwing it away and there was the other line. I wouldn't be surprised if u were pregnant.

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Don't you only need the shot for RH- blood types once, and then you're set for life?

Am I mistaken about this?

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