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Driving lessons

Hi,I ve got a 5 years old daughter and starting my driving lessons in January. I told myself in January that I would try for a baby at fall, hopefully I ll be driving by then. Unfortunately I discovered after my lessons that suffer from anxiety, especially when I drive (fast). Anyway I have good days and bad days, last week we thought I had a chance to pass before Christmas but today we thought I prob wouldn't so she ll start getting me ready for the changes. I am nowhere bear ready ( bear in mind that I stopped 2 months in April cos I was so stressed and I saw her 1 in six weeks during summer due to holidays) She is great and I wouldn't change instructor for the world so it nothing to do with her. I just wonder if it is worth waiting longer or just letting it happen. She also knows I want another baby.

I ll be 33 in October and I don't have a clue how much longer it will take me to drive but I can't just put my life on hold. And I keep thinking that if I get pregnant and still not pass I can take 3 months break. Anyone learnt to drive while pregnant or have struggled a lot or any kind of support would be appreciated.

Btw I struggle to drive because I had health problems when I was younger and I never thought I would want to drive. The desire to learn came pretty much suddenly last year around that time. And also I would be able to find a better job if I was driving.

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